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Dusty Rhodes talks Canceling your Stereotypes and the Universal Language of Music



Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes was playing is saxophone in the Lower East one day and I heard his sound from blocks away. It sounded so beautiful that I followed the music like a tracker. When I arrived Dusty was in the zone. I was so into what he was playing that I just waited for him to finish the current song he was playing. Once he was done I asked if I could interview him for the show and he obliged.

Dusty and talk about becoming an expert at his craft, where are the best places to play in New York City, the difference between Busking and being a Griot, how much can an independent musician make in a day, canceling your stereotypes, the art of givingthe universal language of music, no place like New York, two types of people and the good vibe zone.

New York Neighborhoods 
Lower East Side
Wall Street

Definition of Terms

The Quran

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