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Margarita Triantafillos shares her Journey from Painting Bridges to Dental Hygiene




Live from Central Park, today’s guest on the show is Margarita Triantafillos. In this episode we talk about Kalymnos, painting bridges, the dental professional, boxing, hunting little birds and opening yourself up.

The Cliff Notes

  1. Growing up Free in Kalymnos
  2. Carefree
  3. No Major Anxieties
  4. Greek Food Spots
  5. Drs. Lantner and Goldberg
  6. Taverna Kyclades
  7. Dodecanese
  8. Traveling with 2 Kids
  9. Painting Bridges
  10. Dental Professional
  11. Misconceptions of being a Dental Hygienist
  12. Never Say Oops
  13. Getting Your Teeth Cleaned
  14. Caring for  your Teeth
  15. Strings Vs. Picks
  16. Hug Your Teeth with the Floss
  17. Floss Brush Rinse
  18. Whitening
  19. Work Work Work Make Money
  20. Throwing Shoes
  21. Underground Jay-Z
  22. Bob Marley
  23. Dr. Dre
  24. Original Roots Reggae
  25. Panos Kiamos
  26. Stelios Kazantzidis
  27. Boxing
  28. Trinity Boxing
  29. Overthrow Boxing
  30. Hollywood Hino
  31. Patrick Narain Jr.
  32. Everybody is Moving to LA
  33. Coordination: Mind, Hand, Footwork
  34. Tense on the Subway
  35. The Art of Riding the Train
  36. D Challenge on the Train
  37. EBJ Gallery
  38. Eishia Brightwell
  39. Rene Mantilla 
  40. Hunting Little Birds
  41. Open Yourself Up

This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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